About Our Bakery

Owning a bakery was not something I set out to do but it's one of the best decisions I have ever made (aside from marrying my husband....he wanted to make sure I mentioned that!) I started making decorated sugar cookies in 2011 as a hobby and had friends and family repeatedly say, "You need to go into business!" After some encouragement, I took the plunge. Bellaria Bakery has turned into more than I could have ever imagined and has brought so much joy to my life!  

I think one of the things I love most about decorated cookies is that the only limit is your imagination. Working with cookies is like being given a blank sheet of paper. I am passionate about working with my customers to create something that is unique and beautiful. Cookie requests have ranged from traditional wedding dresses and baby rattles to really off-the-beaten-path designs like oil rigs, slices of pizza, and cards, poker chips, and beer mugs! There is something magical about designing for a specific person or event. It is a special feeling knowing that these cookies were made just for you!